EchoSound by ToDo Lab - RETIRED

Ever wanted to share your music flavor with your friends? If you're into music just a bit (at least listening to it every now and then), and you have at least a few friends, you might find EchoSound just the right application for you. Tell them what are you listening at the moment through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. With EchoSound now you can do it with a single tap.

EchoSound features include:

  • music player (iPod) controls built-in
  • customizable display of music information
  • music information and editing before posting
  • one tap e-mail
  • one tap Facebook wall posting
  • one tap Twitting
  • customizable history
  • preserving Facebook and Twitter login after closing application

The free version is retired as well.

There is no more support for the application because it is retired.

Big EchoSound Icon