Lock'n'Block by ToDo Lab - Retired

It doesn't matter if you're in meeting, class or just waiting for something, and if you're bored and want to play but not get caught? This is why we bring you this retro Breakout game with lock screen appearance. People around you probably won't notice that you're playing a game since it looks like a typical iPhone lock screen and makes no sounds at all.


  • lock screen layout
  • silent (game makes no music or sound effects so you won't get any attention of people around you)
  • unique and nice levels paired with nice backgrounds
  • upcoming new level packs so you can't get bored
  • neverending level - you can just play for hours

There is no more support available for this game because it is retired.

Some screenshots:

Level packs

Main levels

This is a basic set of levels delivered with a game. They are just perfect choice to get around the game and get used to playing with your 'lock screen'.

Level pack 1

First additional level pack of 20 exciting and specially designed levels for more playing time. Every level has been carefuly designed so blocks fit background image perfectly.

Neverending level

Neverending level is simply a level that never ends. As you play and destroy blocks, new blocks appear in random order so you have to be careful while playing. While playing it, time just passes by - minutes, even hours... until your battery dies.

Big Lock'n'Block Icon